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il progetto

The Project

The Project

All there is inside here is a combination of 26 letters, plus a bunch of punctuation marks.
That is enough.
The rest is inside a person, and it passes to another person.

In verbal communication there are an infinite number of other elements, in virtual communication a complicated technology, beyond the control of Big Brother.
Not here, 26 letters.

It is so simple that no one thought about it.
All were intent on saying a word, an expression, their own name.
Not us, we step back, vanish, listening.
26 letters is all that remains, and the stories.



Just six titles a year. How is that possible? Partly because we work on long-sellers. Partly because we do not know: the bet is on.
If there are many reasons why a book is published, or not, we step back. We make a choice in the negative, as a film roll. Even saying ‘no’ is a choice, even if just in a silent way.
Few highly selected titles, where there is much to invest in each.
Not confined to a specific genre.
If it is beautiful, we publish it, this is who we are, our core principle. Of course, if it is beautiful according to our taste.
Our publishing house will have its own defined character, according to the trace it will leave, but with no boundaries of any sort.
We do not want to produce titles one after the other.
We do not want to hurry. It is simple.
You could relate it to our stated laziness, to the slow living that is emerging, or to else. For sure, we do not want to hurry.
This is the project. Thanks to all of you for helping it go further.

i libri


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